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Silicone C-Ring (3 tension options)

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Product Details

This luxury silicone penis rings from Je Joue keeps users harder for longer and prolong orgasms. So easy to put on, and stretchy enough to be put on at any time - with or without an erection. The super-soft silicone feels great on skin, while the unique non-slip design keeps the ring in place throughout playtime. The level of stretch is less about the size of the penis and more about the level of intensity desired.

The maximum level of stretch provided by Je Joue's Black Level 1 ring is great for new users, those with more girth, and those looking to use the ring around both the penis and testicles(Stretched Diameter: 8-in).

The medium level of stretch provided by Je Joue's Green Level 2 ring is great for users with average girth, who have used a ring before and are looking for a more intense experience(Stretched Diameter: 5-in).

The minimum level of stretch provided by Je Joue's Blue Level 3 ring is great for experienced users and/or those with less girth. It is recommended that this level only be used around the base of the penis or testicles, not both at the same time, depending on the wearer's size(Stretched Diameter: 3-in).

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