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Spareparts Joque Harness

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This sexy and stylish jockey two-strap style harness has been designed with comfort, quality, flexibility and fun in mind. Versatile and lightweight, it is the only harness you will ever need! The elastic O-ring is stretchable making it suitable for a variety of different single and double toys, so every use can be a new experience. This new design now has two internal mini vibrator pockets (vibrators not included) one above and one below the O-ring. The mini vibrators can be easily inserted and sit in front of the toy, they are not directly against you and your partner; creating an additional pleasurable and sensual sensation. The vibrators can also be turned on or off through the fabric, so play never needs to be interrupted. Made from high quality Spandex and Nylon making it suitable to wear for extended periods of time. Size A(Fits 20-50 inch waist). Includes FREE Priority Shipping. 

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